We traveled Saturday to the campus of Middle Tennessee University's Tucker Theater, the site of the 4th Annual International Music and Entertainment Awards show. The setting was top notch, with a red carpet entrance and industry members all around. The theater was properly decorated, and the show to come left us eager for the start. The opening act got the mood set for an evening we as a bluegrass band will never forget. Lighting, stage smoke, volume pumping through the speakers set a great mood for the entire group of those that were attendance. Our award group would be in the first group to be announced so we waited with the patience of a three year old in a candy store! Then we hear the words that we have waited months to hear. Bluegrass Band of the Year, and the winner is.... Open Rail.

We were so thrilled to be named for this award. All the hard work and efforts that we put together as a band were recognized by industry peers.

Open Rail would like to thank those that voted on our behalf, our families for being our constant in a changing environment, but most of all we thank and praise God for his ever flowing blessings up on our band.

Thank you all.