2016 IMEA Bluegrass Group of the Year!

2016 Blazin Bluegrass Competition Winner!

New Music is on its way!  

It has been a struggle since Covid shut the world down. 2023 was the year that started to get back to normal. 2023 saw us become as busy as we had been since the pause in action, and we are glad of it. 2024 kicked off with the Rail taking on a new CD! We are excited to share that news as we have been too long without a new project. This project yet to be named is all gospel, covering some of our favorites, music that just brings Jesus to the forefront. Keep an eye out for more updates as we finalize the mix / master and get the music to replication.

Ready for Fall!! New CD Alert 

Every year we spend the summers in some pretty hot days and great folks along the way. Poston Lake Bluegrass Festival kicked us into gear, followed up by the Athens County Fairgrounds, and many places in between. We had two wonderful trips to Whitley City Ky to the Blazin' Bluegrass Festival spring and fall shows. No finer folks in the country. You need to make plans to come with us next year to Blazin Bluegrass. 

Fall is upon us. We are going into Jackson Lake campground, Grace United Methodist Church, Guyan Valley Baptist Church for a bean dinner, The Beaver Oktoberfest just to mention a few! 


We have released out new CD. We have limited amounts currently as we are sending off to duplicate a few hundred copies shortly. We will be releasing them to iTunes and googlePlay music soon also. Very proud of this CD. Half of the material on the project was written by the band, and that has been a blessing. Hope you enjoy Back To The Old Home! 

Ready for the 2018 Summer! 

Hello Railnation.

We have made our trip to the great state of Kentucky to kick off the Summer Bluegrass Festival season! We are also busy finishing up our new project that we hope to have out by the end of the Summer. We have been working with a great studio and engineer Perfect Pitch Studio in Ray Ohio. Art Gillum is truly a man of the craft. Looking forward to getting out and about with the new material. We will 12 tracks on this CD, 6 of which were written by the band. It is looking to be the best project yet. Hope to see you all out this summer to visit and catch up on life.

What A RIDE 

We traveled Saturday to the campus of Middle Tennessee University's Tucker Theater, the site of the 4th Annual International Music and Entertainment Awards show. The setting was top notch, with a red carpet entrance and industry members all around. The theater was properly decorated, and the show to come left us eager for the start. The opening act got the mood set for an evening we as a bluegrass band will never forget. Lighting, stage smoke, volume pumping through the speakers set a great mood for the entire group of those that were attendance. Our award group would be in the first group to be announced so we waited with the patience of a three year old in a candy store! Then we hear the words that we have waited months to hear. Bluegrass Band of the Year, and the winner is.... Open Rail.

We were so thrilled to be named for this award. All the hard work and efforts that we put together as a band were recognized by industry peers.

Open Rail would like to thank those that voted on our behalf, our families for being our constant in a changing environment, but most of all we thank and praise God for his ever flowing blessings up on our band.

Thank you all.


We Won!!!!  

WOW!!! It is still setting in for the band. We went to a place that had never heard us before, got on stage and the people loved the sound! That may not sound like much to you, but for us five hillbillies it was exciting. The folks at the Blazin Bluegrass festival have a top notch venue, world class bands, and the people can't be beat. Never in a million years would I have thought we could have won this thing. We are blessed and proud to be the 2016 Blazin Bluegrass Festival Contest winner. We will be going back down in September for the big festival. You all need to make plans to attend. The festival is great, the scenery is breath taking, and the feeling of God's nature is all around the area. We would like to thank the staff of the Blazin Bluegrass Festival, they are some of the best in the  business to work for. A huge thank you to those that have been with us for the last 8 years making the miles worth it all. It would be a crime if we didn't thank our families who sacrifice time at home so that we can go and play music. The birthdays, gatherings and functions we miss are many to make the music we love. It is a joyful burden to do this and the fact that we still have people to come home to makes it even better. Just wanted to send this blog out and hope you enjoy the shows to come. This weekend is the Mountaineer Opry on Saturday night, and McArthur United Methodist church Sunday morning. Come catch us this weekend!

Summer schedule is coming quick 

It is already May!!! Man the year is flying. We have a couple of weeks off to do some family time, and then we start through June's portion of shows. Be sure can catch us at these great venues in June.

June 3rd we in Pomeroy Ohio at the Gold Wings and Rib Fest starting at 7 pm.
June 10th and 11th we are in Whitley City Ky  at the Blazing Bluegrass Spring show. Friday and Saturday
June 18th we are at the Historic Mountaineer Opry House in Milton West Virginia at 7:30pm.
June 19th we return to McArthur United Methodist church at 11:00am

Keep checking back often to get the latest dates added to our schedule.

2016 New things are the horizon  

Hello Railnation!!! We are seeing 2016 filling in with shows and festivals. We are glad to be starting our 8th year of bringing the Railtone sound to you. We have some exciting news come shortly so be sure and check back and be watching your emails as we ready to share this news with you.

Be looking for Show Dates in April. We kick off April on the  1st with our good friend Kevin Greene and the folks a Scioto Baptist Church's spring revival. If you are in the area stop in and enjoy a wonderful time.

The 9th of April we take the stage in Ironton Ohio at the Historic RO-NA Theater. This will be our first time on stage there, come and support the theater and enjoy some great Rail music for the evening.

The 16th of April we will once again be at the Southern Ohio Expo at Buckeye hills  in the afternoon. Always good to see the friends out that way.

Bluegrass Gospel Hour with John Sentell Spotlight band of the week 

Hey folks it is a blessing and honor to let you know we are being featured on a nationally syndicated radio program call Bluegrass Gospel Hour with John Sentell. He will be focused on our new project Sunday Morning. Please take a moment and support this radio ministry and our Brother in Christ John Sentell. It is John's labor of love that makes this program happen, and the blessing from our most high God that has made this program successful. Please check out the website http://www.smokingbluegrass.com/ and show your support to this brother and program.

WXIC 660 AM Ohio's Gospel Giant Has The Rail! 

Hello Railnation! So excited to share with you that 660 AM WXIC now has our newest gospel project Sunday Morning. You can give them a call and request our music at 740-947-7660. We were honored to meet a few of the DJ's from there they are some very fine folks. Join us in praying for the station and listen often as they have us in heavy rotation now.

Sunday Morning 

So proud to announce our new CD Sunday Morning is complete and avalible to purchase at our table. We will be bringing it online soon, and may have a few retailers around. We hope this CD is a inspiration to those that hear it, and that the words and spirit of the Savior speak to you as we sing. So glad that the folks who have heard it so far have the same reaction as we did. Wow that is powerful!

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